Our Products

Animal Health

Correct management of animal health is essential for the well being of livestock as it allows them to reach their full genetic potential through live-weight gains, milk production and reproductive performance.  At HDG Farm Supplies we stock a wide range of wormers, footcare products and nutritional supplements and we have AMTRA qualified SQP's qualified to advise on product selection and use.

Bedding & Cubicle Care

To ensure your animals stay clean, dry and healthy, we stock a wide range of sawdust, shavings, lime and disinfectants from suppliers such as Bodens group, R Plevin & Sons, Nadins, Singleton Birch and Timac Agro. 

Dairy Hygiene

Keeping your dairy a pathogen free zone is essential to achieving the best quality milk results and optimising your dairy herd's performance.  At HDG Farm Supplies we are committed to providing the best possible products and support for dairy farmers, and are able to supply products from well know brands such as Deosan, Neogen, and Kersia. We also have experts at hand that can carry out full hygiene and wash audits, bactoscan report analysis, and somatic cell count analysis. 

Electric Fencing

Electric fencing can provide a secure permanent or semi-permanent boundary for your livestock. We offer a wide range of energisers, posts, tapes, poly-wire, insulators and accessories from leading brands such as Hotline and Stainrite

 Feed, Minerals & Milk Replacers

At HDG Farm Supplies we stock a range of cattle, sheep, horse, pig and poultry feed and minerals from top brands such as Bibby, For Farmers, Cowindale, Rumenco, Volac, Bonanza, and Cargills. Our staff are always at hand to offer advice and suggestions as to the best feed for your requirements.

Feeding Equipment, Livestock Handling Equipment & Gates

HDG Farm Supplies sell a comprehensive range of livestock feeding and handling equipment for both cattle and sheep. We hold large stocks of items such as square feeders, ring feeders, cattle crushes, field gates, yard gates, feeding troughs  for immediate delivery.  As well as standard "off the shelf" items we also offer a free of charge design service.  We can arrange for an experienced sales manager from L.M. Bateman & Co to visit your site and design a system that suits your requirements and working area. Animal and user safety are always at the forefront of the design concepts, as well as considerations such as animal flow that can greatly reduce operating times.

Fencing Materials

We have an extensive range of fencing materials in stock designed to support all farming enterprises such as sheep, cattle and poultry.  We can supply a choice of timber namely UK grown spruce tanalised posts, UK grown larch redwood posts  and imported slow grown redwood timber for posts for greater durability.  

Our "AGRILAST" range of imported redwood timber are extremely popular. These posts are primarily sourced from the Baltics and Belarus, the climatic conditions in these countries resulting in a slow grown redwood that has greater natural strength and durability. The timber is kiln dried to a moisture content of 28% prior to treatment ensuring full sapwood penetration of the preservative in accordance with BS8417, and  we can offer a manufacturer guaranteed service life of 15 years on these.

Fertiliser & Lime

Providing the correct nutrient balance to meet your crop needs in a timely and efficient manner is essential. We offer an extensive range of compound and blended fertilisers from leading brands such as Yara and Origin. We also offer granulated lime from Omya that can be applied to established grassland at any time of year and is ideal for rapid pH adjustment. Soil testing and recommendations are available from our own staff and manufacturers representatives.

Galebreaker Products

Ventilation is important to maintain fresh air moving in and out of a livestock building which will help to minimise diseases and maintain healthy animals while optimising herd performance.  Galebreaker systems provide variable ventilation, protection and light for the ideal housing environment.

Hardware & Farm Sundries

We stock a wide range of hardware and general farm sundries that ensure you will never be caught short, from oils and lubricants to protective footwear and  clothing 


With ever decreasing margins in the livestock sector it is more important than ever to ensure that grass leys are performing to their optimum. This can only be achieved by a programme of regular reseeding. We stock the Sinclair McGill leading brand of seed mixtures and when it comes to grass seed quality, Sinclair McGill's no-compromise approach is simple - they aim to deliver less weed seeds and more live seeds than any other company. By specifying the Sinclair McGill brand, you really can make a significant difference to the performance of your new ley mixture  

Silage Sheets & Crop Packaging

At HDG Farm Supplies we stock a wide range of packaging and protective products, such as bale wrap, net wrap, baler twine and silage sheets from top brands such as BPi, Silawrap and Novatex .   

In recent years, our customers have also started to apply Visqueen Clingseal – an additional, thinner, more flexible, low permeability film placed underneath the black silage sheet to reduce wastage. These new generation clamp sheets sit directly beneath the traditional silage sheet where they closely follow and cling to the clamp surface to prevent pockets of trapped air forming which in turn significantly reduces aerobic spoilage. 

All of the high quality silage and hay products we stock are designed to give you consistent harvesting results, cost-effectively

Secure Covers


Secure Covers make sheeting up silage clamps quick, clean and easy. Made from tough interlocked knitted HDPE, Secure Covers are used over silage sheets and fixed in place using Secure Gravel Bags. Once fitted, Secure Covers' unique construction disperses wind gusts ensuring that the silage sheet remains in place on the silage pit.  

Flexible Secure Covers reduce surface waste by keeping the silage sheet in close contact with the silage surface. The finely knitted mesh helps to prevent bird damage to the silage sheet and when pulled down, stops birds feeding on the feed face. 

Secure Covers are available in 16 sizes and have a 10 year full UV stability guarantee